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Macau, the Las Vegas of the East, overpassed Las Vegas already in termes of gambling revenues. Hotel chains with their casinos like Four Seasons, Venetian, Wynn, Sheraton and Hilton, are there to set new records for gambling revenues on this planet. Gambling is illegal in Cina ( a joke says, when two chinese see two spiders on the wall, they bet which one is first up the ceiling).
So Macau became a money printing machine for the investors on the back of low payed workers.
For the well heeled Macau is an island of hedonistic pleasures. Gambling, prostitution, boozing, Macau has it all, but denies these pleasures to most of its local population.
At nights Macau is all glitter and gloss. A city of false dreams; heaven&hell for all gamblers who live from one game to the other in the hope of making a fortune. Cotai strip is one of the biggest gambling areas in the world. Eg: Sands Casino is proud of luring over two million gamblers to its gaming tables.
Chinese punters are obsessed with gold. So 88 (eighty eight) gold bricks of one kilo each are embedded in the floor of the Hotel Grand Emperor foyer ( doubt that they are massive! think it over: the investors whish their clients realy, honestly good luck in their casinos? ... you're kidding- webmaster). As a reult the pawn shops are mushrooming. During daytime there are not too many things to do than to cure your hangover. Some sightseeing though is possible. Churches and temples invite you to pray for your luck in the evening. You can eat in Macau, too: Cantonese, Portuguese and 'Macanese' (a combination of Portuguese, Chinese, Indian and Malay) cuisine are definitly excellent Macau comes alive as soon as the sun goes down. All booze and entertainment your money can buy. But there is no magic about Macau. With it's new! false charme its a hungover microcosm of the Orient. Macau sells its hedonistic promise to the greedy. An adult "Disney World" of exotism and clandestine joys for the 9to5ers who invade the island over the weekends.

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Cia World Factbook on Macau:

Trafficking in persons:
Macau is a transit and destination territory for women trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation; most females in Macau's sizeable sex industry come from the interior regions of China or Mongolia, though a significant number also come from Russia, Eastern Europe, Thailand, and Vietnam; the majority of women in Macau's prostitution trade appear to have entered Macau and the sex trade voluntarily, though there is evidence that some are deceived or coerced into sexual servitude, often through the use of debt bondage; organized criminal syndicates are reportedly involved in bringing women to Macau, and fear of reprisals from these groups may prevent some women from seeking help.

Illicit drugs:
transshipment point for drugs going into mainland China; consumer of opiates and amphetamines


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Venetian Macau site work
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Macau nighttime reality (bites too)


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